Necessity of Modernization

    Even with periodic maintenance, it is generally difficult to maintain optimal elevator performance beyond the original service life.

    As user requirements and social needs change over time, the original elevator performance itself no longer meets the needs of the times.

    Under such circumstances, owners and managers are now requested to maintain elevator and even safety improve elevator security safety the from and standpoint security from of elevator the standpoint users. of elevator users.


Based on manufacturer’s product information (*1) including design concept at the time of manufacturing, we study the effect on the entire system and how remaining portions interact with upgraded portions; thus minimizing failure risk after modernization. In addition, various safety devices, systems and functions that are standard features in the latest elevator models will be added. (*1) If any elevator maintenance or modernization work had been consigned or outsourced to a third-party other than Fujitec or any of its affiliated companies, the original design may have been modified. In this case, consult a Fujitec sales representative.


With old elevators, there is a growing risk for failure or accidents, which may trigger more unexpected trouble. By modernizing, electrical systems that have higher risks for failure due to age, while usable parts remain unchanged, will be replaced and upgraded. For durable goods such as elevators, we do not recommend makeshift repairs.