IONFUL - Elevator PlasmaclusterTM Ion Genrating System - For the creation of clean and hygienic elevators...

Plasmacluster™ Ion

Sharp Corporation's
"Plasmacluster Ion" technology is used. Plasmacluster is a trademark of Sharp Corporation.

By incorporating Sharp Corporation's "Plasmacluster Ion" technology in the elevator car ventilation system, Fujitec was the first in the industry to develop "IONFUL," a system that is designed to generate Plasmacluster ions.

Currently, we have adopted a more powerful Plasmacluster Ion Generating System to further clean and purify the air in the elevator car.

By releasing Plasmacluster ions which are about seven times denser than that of our conventional products (comparison based on existing Fujitec Models), the system not only decomposes and removes airborne harmful substances, but also decomposes annoying adhering odors. The system is best suited for elevators in medical facilities, and residential buildings where residents are allowed to keep pets.