ELVIC | Elevator Visual Communication System

  • Nowadays, an elevator needs to accommodate the recent developments in data Networks as a means of Communications. The use of LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (wide Area Network) are exponentially expanding in out highly networked information society.

  • ELVIC, which has various information processing system functions, is an elevator monitoring system that is very suitable for smart buildings.

  • One of the main features of ELVIC is the ability to manage and control elevators by monitoring the current status of running elevators and giving necessary command to elevators form a specific location, such as a central building management room or a disaster prevention center.

  • If a customer desires to access ELVIC system through remote display located in another place, necessary sub terminal necessary for ELVIC operation will be provided.

  • If a smart building has already been equipped with its own central supervisory system to monitor building safety and facilities, the signals and command of ELVIC can, if required, be transferred to such system.

  • As described above, ELVIC allows building management personnel to monitor real-time elevator movement as well as change elevator operation modes (for expel, form normal operation to VIP operation etc.)

  • As an optional feature, ELVIC can function as an elevator traffic analyzer. The output data is used for performance assessment, preventive measures and other similar purposes.