Myths and truths about Elevators

1. The elevator has only one steel cable from which the car is hanged

This is not true. The elevator has many steel cables, each one of them can resist the weight of a car completely occupied. Besides, in the other extreme of the cables is hanged the counterweight. There was only one case in the entire elevator’s history where all cables were cut down in the Empire State in 1940, when a bomber crashed into the building and cut all main wires rope and also the cable that commanded the safety device. Bomber passengers died, but the only person who was inside the elevator saved his life.

2. An overload elevator falls down

This doesn’t happen. When an elevator is overload, it doesn’t move, it opens the doors and the overload alarm sounds, until some people get down and the system be normalized.

3. "The elevator fell down many stories and then I was able to escape"

This never happens. The real case is that this person took an elevator that was going in the contrary direction and he appeared in a non-desire floor.

4. The automatic doors from hall can be opened although the elevator is not there (in the floor)

This is impossible. First of all, the hall doors opening device is located in the car, and if the elevator is not in the floor, doors don’t open. Secondly because the elevator control doesn’t give the opening order to the car system until it receives the leveling car in the floor given by a device in the hall door.

5. If the elevator remains stopped between two floors, you should go out urgently because it may fall down

The safest place to wait is the car. NEVER TRY TO LEAVE THE ELEVATOR WITHOUT EXTERNAL HELP. Push the alarm button and wait for rescue.

6. Pressing repeatedly the hall button the elevator will arrive faster

The call register is made only one time in the control memory. If you press more than one time, the control did not register this.

7. Pressing the close doors button the doors will close faster.

The close doors button makes that the doors start closing operation immediately, but not by pressing more than one time it will be faster.

Myths and truths about Escalators

1. The greatest myth is that too much attention shouldn’t be paid to escalators

An escalator has a machine which weighs 6 tons, so it should be paid the same attention we paid when we travel by bus.

2. Steps can rotate and the escalator be converted in a dangerous ramp so all passengers will fall down

This is impossible. Steps have a triangular structure and they are mounted onto guides and therefore they can flatten.

3. People many times think that the escalator travels very quickly

The speed of movement of an escalator is similar to walking speed. The effect is caused because the passenger is quiet and all the rest is in movement.

4. Many kids think that steps fall down in the base and every day someone has to get them up

Steps are moved in an endless chain system, so, the step that enter in the base turns round and gets up by the low part, in order to appear again in the upper part of the escalator.

5. The escalator can be placed out and pull all passengers along

There aren’t parts of the escalator that can do that. But you should be careful because long shoelaces, long hair, long necklaces and bracelets can be trapped by mechanical parts of the escalator.

6. The escalator stops and starts automatically

The escalator only stops under the following conditions:

..................................A person push the emergency stop button

..................................The escalator detects an obstruction

..................................The escalator detects over speed

Once the escalator stops, only can be started again by maintenance personnel.

7. If an escalator is stopped is like stairs

It is not true. Steps height is not prepared to walk on it neither it has the necessaries breaks for the physics recuperation, therefore it shouldn’t be used if it is stopped. Risks of fallings and hurts increase in a stopped escalator comparing to a stair.