Safety Rules for Autowalks

Stand at the center of the escalator step.

Danger: If a rubber shoe or any other object is in contact with the side edge or front surface of an escalator step, it may be caught in a gap. Use great caution using escalators when wearing long boots especially on rainy days. Ride within the yellow lines of the escalator step.

Do not ride an escalator running in the opposite direction of you.

Never do this because you may fall and cause difficulty to other passengers.

Hold the handrail.

The escalator may make a sudden emergency stop because of the activation of a safety device. Be sure to hold the handrail to prevent falling.

Danger: Do not let a small child ride alone.

Letting a small child ride an escalator alone is very dangerous. When riding an escalator, an attending adult must hold the child's hand.

Do not play near landing.

Use special care when children are near the escalator landing. They may have their fingers pulled into the escalator inlet or have their body caught between handrail and floor.

Do not use the escalator to carry goods.

Never use an escalator to transport goods. It may cause inconvenience to other passengers and poses the danger of falling down the escalator.

Step on to the landing.

Riding the escalator to the end when it reaches the landing may cause you to stumble or the tips of your shoes to be caught in the escalator. Be sure to step off the escalator when you reach the landing.

Do not ride the handrail or its vicinity.

Never do this. Sitting on the handrail or areas adjacent to the escalator poses a danger of being caught against the ceiling or wall. There is a considerable risk of injury.

Do not carry a wheelchair, baby carriage, or cart.

Never use the escalator to carry these because of the danger of falling down the escalator.

Do not sit on an escalator step.

Never sit on an escalator step. Your clothing may be pulled into the gap at the landing or between the steps.

Do not lean over the handrail.

Never do this. Leaning over the handrail poses the danger of hitting or pinning your head against the ceiling or wall.

Do not smoke during ride.

Never smoke nor throw a cigarette butt away while you are riding an escalator. This can cause a fire.