Safety Rules for Elevators

Danger: Do not let small children ride alone.

Allowing a small child ride an elevator alone may cause an accident. A responsible adult should accompany a small child.

Do not touch unnecessary buttons

Do not push any button on the operating board other than a floor destination button, and the door open and close buttons. Tampering with or randomly pushing other buttons may cause trouble.

Never touch the door..

Be careful not to touch or lean against the door. Your hand or arm may be pulled in, causing injury when the door opens.

Foreign matter in the sill is a cause of trouble.

Pebbles, gum, nails, etc stuck in sill groove can cause door trouble. Be careful not to drop things in the elevator.

Do not misbehave in the elevator.

Jumping up and down in the elevator will activate a safety device, causing the elevator to stop. Try to use the elevator quietly and safely.

Do not use an elevator in the case of earthquake or fire.

Never use an elevator in case of earthquake or fire. If such a disaster occurs when you are riding, stop the elevator at the nearest safe floor and use the stairway to carefully exit the building.

Observe the fixed passenger capacity.

Observe the maximum capacity indicated on the elevator's operating board. A warning buzzer will sound when the rated number of passengers is exceeded. If this occurs, the last passenger to board should exit the car.

Do not panic in case of power failure.

An emergency light will automatically turn on in case of power failure. Follow the manager's instructions. Do not try force the door open. Please stay calm and wait patiently until power is restored.